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Our Premium Package is a combination of the essential bulk of graphics for anyone starting an eCommerce business. As needed we have helped others build a storefront however, the success of the storefront is your responsibility. We advise you to market on social platforms which among the commonly used such as Pinterest and Facebook Ads, and/or an email marketing strategy for best results. Which is most likely to be the best direction for anyone in this industry wishing to target a specific cliental. Our goal is to have you ready to go with the essential graphics. Thus is why we aim for our clients to purchase the Premium Package, and do consider it for ultimate savings for continued campaign ads needed in the future.

As a returning customer it becomes clear that we are either on same page, or have decided to attempt to spend EXTRA hours into designing. Eventually we come to a point which has you needing a graphic designer. That's perfectly fine, sometimes we need to experience things ourselves, and discover weighing the new options as we attain the knowledge of an experienced eCommerce entrepreneur. With our FIRST CHOICE AD Package this is a great way to launch out periodically and stay connected with the team! Again every experienced entrepreneur knows the value in this package, and helps you stay on edge with a great ad marketing on social media.

Once you have decided what you will need I will contact you by email provided in order, then you will answer a few questions and explain to me what you are looking to have done. We trust that you will be satisfied with our services and look forward to working with you!

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We are dedicated to providing you great designs that will have "statement" behind it. We also, pride ourselves that we've attained a knowledge and understand the type of graphics needed for your business. We accommodate to clients with intentions for repeated business for such purposes, so we plan keep you satisfied each time with the most professional experience we can offer.

Our goal is to get you started in eCommerce with the set of graphics needed to start your ad campaigns in your particular niche, and the core backbone of your business.

We are able to work fast with your needs. However, we do reserve a 5 business day time frame (Based On Revisions), however on most graphics we deliver within 24-48 hours by email.

About Us

Mac Garcia


Graphic designing has always been an intriguing experience. Along with a CIT (Computer Information Technology) degree, Web Development and Graphic Designs Certificates, for 22 years I have been intrigued with what I do, and allowing it to be a passion. It allows a fulfillment in having an opportunity to serve you and assist you with your business needs.

Again, thank you in advance for your support.